Join best-selling author, professional life and business coach and renowned speaker Cynthia Kersey for a very special telecoaching workshop.

Cynthia has coached Fortune 500 companies, leading organizations and individuals from all walks of life on how to create unstoppable success that produce lasting results. Cynthia's effective programs incorporate the success characteristics, tools and strategies of the world’s top achievers and shows you how to integrate their success formula into your daily life.

Whether it's making more money… de-cluttering your life… taking your career or business to the next level… losing weight… quitting smoking… or spending more time doing the things that matter to you most…whatever it is, BE A PART OF THIS LIFE-CHANGING CALL! You have nothing to lose!


In this incredible telecoaching workshop based on the new book, Unstoppable Women, you'll learn:

How to choose a goal that will have an extraordinary impact on
your life
How to break that goal into a daily plan requiring only one small step at a time
The secrets behind the unstoppable mindset that has brought positive change in hundreds of thousands of lives across the world
How to replace beliefs and behaviors that stop you with positive thoughts and habits that move you forward
How to create a support structure that virtually guarantees your success

Questions about the telecoaching workshop? See FAQs below.



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Please note: The free 1-hour telecoaching workshop cannot be substituted or transferred and is available only to customers who have registered for the workshop.

Unstoppable Women is truly a one-of-a-kind book combining amazing stories of real-life women role models with a revolutionary and EFFECTIVE 30-day program designed to get you into action to fulfill your breakthrough goal on DAY 1!

In Unstoppable Women, Cynthia Kersey teaches women what she's already taught thousands of others in workshops and training programs across the country: How to achieve any goal by creating a series of unstoppable moments that will take their life or career to the next level and ultimately result in personal transformation.

Unstoppable Women is for EVERY woman — from stay at home moms to corporate executives — and not only includes a powerful 30-day program for creating lasting change, but features amazing stories of remarkable women-women like J.K. Rowling, Liz Murray, Camryn Manheim, Loreena McKennitt and many many others who've overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve the impossible. Their stories of personal struggle, transformation and triumph will inspire and uplift you and will serve as beacons for what's possible when you apply the simple process Cynthia outlines in the book.

Unstoppable Women is in book stores nationwide and is also available at a great price through

With the release of Unstoppable Women, Cynthia has also begun a year long campaign called the Unstoppable Women Challenge — seeking to inspire ONE MILLION WOMEN to commit to taking a single step to make a positive change in their lives.

strengthWhen you visit the Unstoppable Women Challenge website and sign the Million Women Challenge Roster, you'll receive a FREE 17-page e-booklet (a $9.95 value) excerpt of Unstoppable Women with tools and tips to help jumpstart your life!

PLUS, for every 100 women that sign the Million Women Challenge Roster, 10 Unstoppable Women Challenge Scholarships will be given to women living in transitional or abuse shelters across the U.S.




What is a telecoaching call?
A telecoaching call is a fantastic way to connect people from all over the country and the world via the telephone (land lines, Internet or cell phones may all be utilized during a telecoaching call). Telecoaching calls make it possible for people to have direct and immediate access to coaches or mentors and other participants that normally would require extensive travel and tremendous cost to receive the personal coaching and training a telecoaching call provides. Calls are typically conducted by a "coach" or facilitator and can vary in length of time and number of participants.

Telecoaching workshops with Cynthia are extremely productive, informative and motivating and participants receive valuable tools and information that they can use in their life. Workshops and programs with Cynthia range in price from $10,000 - $15,000 per hour, so this free workshop is definitely a tremendous value you won't want to miss!

And, how often do you have the opportunity to interact with a best-selling author and renowned success expert, ask questions and receive expert coaching in the comfort of your own home, office or from wherever you call in?

What will I need to do to be prepared for the call? Is there anything I should do to be ready prior to the call?
In order to get the most out of this free workshop, we encourage you to purchase and review Unstoppable Women or take some time and review the Unstoppable Women Jumpstart Kit e-booklet which is available free to anyone who signs the Unstoppable Women Challenge Roster. This free booklet, a $9.95 value, is an excerpt of the Unstoppable Women book and provides valuable tools for jumpstarting your life to achieve your goal.

This workshop is designed to inspire and motivate you into action-so bring your projects, your ideas, your questions to the call. There will be an opportunity to share or ask questions if you like. It's also a good idea to take notes.

Can I ask questions on the call?
Absolutely! This interactive workshop gives participants the opportunity to be coached on how to achieve a breakthrough in their lives in just 30 days and provides opportunities for questions throughout the process.

What if I just want to listen? Do I have to participate or offer personal information during the workshop?
One of the great benefits of telecoaching calls is that you can determine your own level of interaction and participation. It's up to you how much or how little information you want to provide to Cynthia and other participants. Whatever your level of participation, you WILL gain insight and inspiration in this 1-hour call.

What value can I expect from the call?
Personal telecoaching workshops with Cynthia range from $10,000 - $15,000 per hour, but you'll receive this 1-hour telecoaching workshop FREE! (Note: For this free 1-hour telecoaching call, you'll be joined by other unstoppable women.)

Here's a sampling of the items discussed during this 1-hour workshop:

How to choose a goal that will have an extraordinary impact on your life
How to break that goal into a daily plan requiring only one small step at a time
The secrets behind the unstoppable mindset that has brought positive change in hundreds of thousands of lives across the world
How to replace beliefs and behaviors that stop you with positive thoughts and habits that move your forward
How to create a support structure that virtually guarantees your success

Because you'll be joined by other unstoppable women, there will most likely be similar interests and concerns shared so what you'll learn from these other women can be immediately applied to your own life.

Are they just going to try and sell me something on the call and then email me from my contact registration information marketing info forever?
Cynthia's primary goal for this free workshop is to help you jumpstart your life by providing important tools, tips and techniques based on her book, Unstoppable Women. She tries to pack as much information and inspiration in the 1-hour call as is humanly possible. This is an informative and productive way to "spend" an hour of your life toward the fulfillment of your goal or dream.

If you like, you'll have an opportunity to express your interest or to explore products and services to support your journey toward the end of the workshop. You may also email or sign up for FREE Unstoppable Insights at Unstoppable Daily Insights are daily emails of inspiration, insight and information designed to empower and motivate you to live the life of your dreams!

Do I have to pay for the call?
Phone charges apply and vary depending on your local service provider. Contact your service provider for specific cost-related questions.

How long will the call be?
Generally, this free Unstoppable Women telecoaching workshop lasts one hour, but we've been known to go over our allotted time because it's an engaging and informative workshop and we have a wonderful Q&A session near the end of the call that's always informative, inspirational, insightful and lively!

You may exit the call at any time.

I haven't received an email notification. How will I know that I'm enrolled in the free workshop?
We generally send emails out once a week. If you have not been notified within a week after you've signed up, please contact and provide your name and email and our team will contact you.

If I registered and I have a friend I want to listen in on the call and they did not register can I give them the number and access code I was given to listen?
In order to secure enough lines for the free telecoaching workshop, it's important to have everyone register. To register, simply fill out the form above.

Is the call live or recorded?
The call is both LIVE and recorded. The call begins precisely at the designated time provided to you in your enrollment email that you'll receive following your sign up. If you miss your call time, you may call immediately following the telecoaching workshop's completion and within 7 days of the call and listen to the recorded workshop.

(Suggestion: Wait at least 15 minutes past the hour of scheduled time in order to insure the call has ended.)

There is a different number for the recorded workshop line, so please contact to obtain the recorded workshop call in number and access code.

How can I mute my background noise — especially if I am going to be calling in on my cell phone?
To mute your phone, enter *6 on your telephone keypad.

If I call in on my cell phone and I am disconnected, will the same code work to get me back into the call?
Yes. Just redial the call-in number and enter your code when prompted. Once you are on the line and in the workshop, please mute your cell phone by pressing *6 on your telephone keypad.

What happens if I get a busy signal when trying to log into the call? What do I do if it keeps stating that all circuits are busy?
Please keep trying to call in. If you are unable to dial in and enter the call, you may either listen to the recorded workshop (see above for information on how to access the recorded workshop) or email to enroll in another telecoaching workshop.

What happens if I register and miss the call? Will it let me register again?
If you miss the call, please email and inform them that you missed the call and would like to enroll in the next available telecoaching workshop.

What if I simply wanted to hear a recording of the call again — can I do that?
All participants must register for the telecoaching workshop so that they can obtain the call-in information and we can provide the best quality of service for participants.

To call in and listen to the recorded workshop, please see instructions above.

Is there a place where I can email my question to be answered during the call so that I don't have to ask the question on the live call?
We ask that all questions be asked during the free call. Cynthia's attention is fully directed toward the information she wants to convey and to the members of this call and therefore she doesn't answer emails or Instant Messages during the call.